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Jorge Martín, Composer

Hello, and thanks for stopping by my website! For those of you who don’t know, I’m a composer who’s been at it since the 90s as a free-lancer. I got my MA and DMA from Columbia and I’m glad to say that’s long since past. I write in any genre and have written in most, but vocal music is my favorite, and yes, I am one of those forlorn souls smitten by opera, the worst bitch goddess of all. But one at whose feet I gladly worship. I was born in Cuba but grew up in New Jersey from age 6. This simple fact has created all sorts of identity issues, not irrelevant to me as an artist. I live in Vermont, which is my home state, but also have a base in NYC, which I consider my home city. The fact I profoundly enjoy both deepest countryside and the citiest city on earth probably also says something about me. You will not be surprised to learn I also have family in Miami.


“A Cuban in Vermont” was sung by soprano Mary Thorne with Sebastian Giunta at the piano on October 8 in New York City at the Shetler Studios penthouse, as part of the “Latins in New York” series: “Art Song by Hispanic composers from 1945 to the Present.”

Coming February 1, 2018 in Middlebury at the Mahaney Center for the Arts recital hall: “Caprichito” for piano trio be be performed by Cynthia Huard, piano, Mary Rowell, violin and  , cello. Stay tuned for details!

I was commissioned by tenor Brian Downen to compose songs for him. I am writing a set of four poems in Spanish by Mexican poet Amado Nervo, “En paz,” and one more stand-alone song in English. Brian will be singing these songs next year and recording them. Further details as they develop!

More Zukunftsmusik: watch out for The Glass Hammer with Jonathan Hays and Craig Ketter…..!