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Jorge Martín, Composer

Hello, and thanks for stopping by my website! For those of you who don’t know, I’m a composer who’s been at it since the 90s as a free-lancer. I got my MA and DMA from Columbia and I’m glad to say that’s long since past. I write in any genre and have written in most, but vocal music is my favorite, and yes, I am one of those forlorn souls smitten by opera, the worst bitch goddess of all. But one at whose feet I gladly worship. I was born in Cuba but grew up in New Jersey from age 6. This simple fact has created all sorts of identity issues, not irrelevant to me as an artist. I live in Vermont, which is my home state, but also have a base in NYC, which I consider my home city. The fact I profoundly enjoy both deepest countryside and the citiest city on earth probably also says something about me. You will not be surprised to learn I also have family in Miami.


BEFORE NIGHT FALLS at Florida Grand Opera!

FLORIDA GRAND OPERA will bring the Fort Worth Opera Festival production of BEFORE NIGHTS FALLS to Miami for five performances in March 2017. Visit their website for details and buying tickets. March is a good time of year to visit Miami!

The recording of my song “We Two Boys” (yes, the Whitman poem!) will be released soon, with Robert Osborne, baritone and Todd Crow, piano.


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