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Off the Shelf

The other day as I was driving I found myself meditating on an image that I first heard in graduate school in reference to music composition: taking something “off the shelf.” This was a most heinous sin. To take something

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On Memory

Here are a couple of quotes that I found paired — again, where was that…?! — on the nature of memory, which turns out to be a theme that keeps coming up in my work. The concern came to the

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The webpage “Buttstix” is one of the funniest, most brilliant commentaries and candid admissions I have ever come across, and it is worth a close study. The post is a graphic by composer David Rakowski, exorcizing, as it were, the

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On theater

Here’s a quote I had on my home page for a while. I found it years ago and kept it, because it inspires me and makes me think of why opera is, for me, the ultimate form of theater. The

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My earlier blog

Back in 2010 I started a blog as a kind of composer’s diary recording my experience upon embarking on the world premiere of my opera Before Night Falls in Fort Worth, Texas. I called it “Music by Jorge Martin” and

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Here we go again!

Welcome to my brand new website. I think this is at least the fourth avatar of And frankly I hope I never have to go through this again — that is, building a new website. So I hope you

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