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Back in 2010 I started a blog as a kind of composer’s diary recording my experience upon embarking on the world premiere of my opera Before Night Falls in Fort Worth, Texas. I called it “Music by Jorge Martin” and you can visit it here. It spanned the time period December 2009 through May 2010 and I wrote 18 posts, including, as a “narrative thread,” the genesis of the opera from reading the book, through the adaptation, composing, and workshopping to its full stage production. If you’re interested in reading the blog, just remember you have to start at the bottom of the page and read “up” in time; the first entry was December 19. At the moment I have no “narrative thread” to offer, except that I’m cooking up a new opera, and as always, many planets have to line up and gods to smile before it comes alive on the stage. When I’m more in the thick of it I will write about it. In the meantime, I will occasionally muse on a quote that I come across or that I’ve kept. Here’s one that speaks for itself, hanging by my piano:

“If a man waits until no one can find fault with what he does, he will do nothing.” — Archbishop Cranmer

(WHO was Archbishop Cranmer? If you’re interested in learning about this figure from the time of Henry VIII, here’s the wikipedia entry.)

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