La Soga

La Soga, song for mezzo-soprano and piano, in Spanish, words by the composer (2006) composed for Mary Nessinger and Jeanne Golan at their request for a performance and recording project, dur. 4 min. Recorded by these artists on the Albany label (Troy 1113) “Innocence Lost.”

The song is recorded on Albany Records, Troy 1113, “Innocence Lost: the Berg-Debussy Project.”

Program Notes

This song was commissioned by Jeanne Golan and Mary Nessinger for their project “Innocence Lost,” in which each of the songs from Debussy’s “Chansons de Bilitis” and Berg’s “Sieben Frühen Lieder” were matched with a living composer who was asked to write a song in response. I was matched with the second of the Debussy set, “La Chevelure.” In that song the image of long hair around the lover’s neck inspired in me the image of the hair spun into a “rope” which binds the two lovers together, even after breaking up.

LA SOGA, song

Este canto es la soga / This song is a rope
que te amarra a mi pecho. / that binds you to my breast.
Este grito es la memoria / This cry the memory
de tus besos que me ahoga. / of your kisses that engulfs me.
¿Qué me has hecho? / What have you done to me?
Me entraste, me dejaste / You entered me and left me
con la triste conclusión / with the sad conclusion
tu amor fue ilusión, / that your love was an illusion,
un sueño en que mal me viste. / a fantasy in which you saw not me.
Pero tu memoria no me deja, / But your memory will not leave me,
esta soga, ¡qué duro amarra! / ah this rope, how hard it binds!

(Poem by Jorge Martín ©2006)