From A Cuban in Vermont with Jennifer Rivera and Myra Huang (on the album Innocence/Experience):

2. Sol y brisas

3. Nocturno


From So Beautiful with Heather Johnson and Jason Wirth (on the album Plundered Hearts):

1. Fine weather

2. Suddenly

5. Ease

6. Not sayable


Before Night Falls, excerpts (from the Fort Worth World Premiere production recording):

Wes Mason as Reinaldo Arenas

Prelude (2:04)

Janice Hall plays the Sea Muse here, and she also plays the role of Rey’s Mother.

Mother’s Aria (3:28)

Rey and the boys of the village

Young Rey and Boys‘ Dance (7:37)

Wes Mason, Javier Abreu as Pepe and Jesús García as Ovidio

Unhappy island (3:48)

Seth Mease Carico as Víctor

End of Act One (1:29)

Applying for a visa to leave Cuba through Mariel;
Wes Mason & Corey Trahan as the Official

Opening of Act Two (2:32)

Jonathan Blalock as Lázaro and Wes Mason

Rey and Lázaro Duet (5:03)

Wes Mason as Reinaldo Arenas

Final scene (3:45)

Fort Worth production photos & photos of Jorge Martín: Ellen C. Appel

Two Rilke Songs, sung by Andrew Garland with Jason Wirth at the piano. The two poems by Rilke are set in the original German. The texts for “Herbst” and “Liebeslied” (“Autumn” and “Lovesong”) can be found here. Listen by clicking here.

“Romance for orchestra” (1999 version) Vermont Symphony Orchestra, Anthony Princiotti cond. (1999)

“A Cuban in Vermont” 1. Frutas Elizabeth Caballero, soprano, and Elaine Rinaldi, piano (2011)