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A Cuban in Vermont, five simple songs, performed by mezzo-soprano Jennifer Rivera and pianist Myra Huang on their album of American songs, Innocence/Experience, released September 25, 2015 by Roven Records. Available on Roven Records and




Plundered Hearts CD

Plundered Hearts, songs by Jorge Martín  performed by mezzo-soprano Heather Johnson, baritone Andrew Garland and pianist Jason Wirth. Roven Records, released June 24, 2014. Contains Of Fathers and Sons, La Soga, So Beautiful, Plundered Hearts, Spoken With the Hands, and To a Stranger. Available on Roven Records and




City of Orgies, Walks and Joys! on “The Five Borough Songbook” sung by Blythe Gaissert and Alex Richardson, Thomas Bagwell, piano. GPR Records, released January 12, 2012. Available on

Cello Music, including Ropa ViejaFour Noble Truths, Hollywood Variations, Three Nocturnes, and Recuerda; Yehuda Hanani, cello and Walter Ponce, piano; William Schimmel, accordion and Artie Dixson, percussion. Albany Records, Troy 1279, released July 2011. Available on

Before Night Falls, Fort Worth Opera, Joseph Illick, conductor. World Premiere Recording. Albany Records, Troy 1226/27, released November 2010. Available on

The Glass Hammer, with Sanford Sylvan and David Breitman. Koch International Classics 3-7519-2. Available on

Wand’ring Steps and Slow & Piano Fantasy on Sredni Vashtar, on “Steps, Piano Music of Claude Debussy and Jorge Martín,” Jeanne Golan, piano. Albany Records, Troy 671. Available on

La Soga, on “Innocence Lost, the Berg-Debussy Project,” Mary Nessinger and Jeanne Golan. Albany Records, Troy 1113. Available on

The Brain, on “The Vermont Composers Project, 2005” Social Band. Visit


Before Night Falls, excerpts (from the Fort Worth World Premiere production recording):

Wes Mason as Reinaldo Arenas

Prelude (2:04)

Janice Hall plays the Sea Muse here, and she also plays the role of Rey’s Mother.

Mother’s Aria (3:28)

Rey and the boys of the village

Young Rey and Boys‘ Dance (7:37)

Wes Mason, Javier Abreu as Pepe and Jesús García as Ovidio

Unhappy island (3:48)

Seth Mease Carico as Víctor

End of Act One (1:29)

Applying for a visa to leave Cuba through Mariel;
Wes Mason & Corey Trahan as the Official

Opening of Act Two (2:32)

Jonathan Blalock as Lázaro and Wes Mason

Rey and Lázaro Duet (5:03)

Wes Mason as Reinaldo Arenas

Final scene (3:45)

Fort Worth production photos & photos of Jorge Martín: Ellen C. Appel

“Romance for orchestra” (1999 version) Vermont Symphony Orchestra, Anthony Princiotti cond. (1999)

“A Cuban in Vermont” 1. Frutas Elizabeth Caballero, soprano, and Elaine Rinaldi, piano (2011)


I. The Interlopers

Keith Jameson and David Stoneman as the feuding landowners

The Interlopers, a short story in music, (1992-4) Andrew A. Joffe, librettist, adapted from Saki’s short story, for two baritones and chamber ensemble, c. 20 min.

II. Sredni Vashtar

Bethany Reeves as Conradin       (not pictured: Daniel Rawe as    Mrs. DeRopp)

Sredni Vashtar, a story in music and one act, (1993-4) Andrew A. Joffe, librettist, adapted from Saki’s short story, for soprano and contralto and chamber ensemble, c. 40 min.

III. The Mappined Life

Daniel Rawe as The Aunt and Lynn Norris as The Niece

The Mappined Life, a story in rondo-variations, (1995) Andrew A. Joffe, librettist, adapted from Saki’s short story, for soprano, contralto and baritone, and piano, c. 15 min.

IV. Tobermory

Gustavo Camps, Keith Jameson, David Stoneman and Lisa Pierce, (not pictured: Jessica Marsten, Rosemary George, and Thomas L. Honnick)

Tobermory, a story in music and one act, (1990-91) Andrew A. Joffe, librettist, adapted from Saki’s short story, for seven singers and chamber ensemble, c. 45 min.; full production April 18, 1993 by the University of Oregon at Eugene Winner of the National Opera Association’s Fifth Biennial Chamber Opera Competition (1992) November 1993 at Tulane University (as the 1992 prize-winner at the NOA’s 1993 convention in New Orleans) February 1994 by the American Chamber Opera Co. in NYC (with a grant from Meet the Composer) August 9, 11 & 13, 1997 Lake George Opera Festival (with Mozart’s The Impresario) April 29, 1998 U. of Missouri at Kansas City Opera workshop


Watch on YouTube:

Concertino, Jorge Martín conducting the Eleva Players

Interview with Jorge Martín on the World Premiere of Before Night Falls with Darren Woods, General Director of the Fort Worth Opera Festival.

A panel discussion with Jorge Martín, Wes Mason (baritone) and Claudia Stephens (costume designer) on the World Premiere of Before Night Falls

Jorge interviewed on Dallas TV (Art&Seek) by Jerome Weeks